Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Organic Vegetable Is Healthier

No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer and no other harmful supplement! The vegetable is planted organically which means free from chemical residue.

For the non-organic, right handling system is necessarily required before cooking, ensure to wash throughly by the flowing water, so that the chemical residue can go along the water, or otherwise the chemical residue still attach to the vegetable, then what happen if we eat the toxins for long term consumption, especially for the children. They can be harmful for human health.

Organic vegetable is not only healthy but also believed can cure accumulated toxin substances inside the body. This phenomenon comes from the ‘natural healing’ or known as natural healing technique through natural healthy food. Eat free chemical food, in order to stop adding more toxin to the body and this will maximize body immune. Basic knowledge of the natural healing technique is telling that ‘what we eat is the best medicine’ means that the more healthier food we eat, the more healthier we are.

Organic vegetable is not only safe, but also consists of 10% – 50% antioxide compare to the non-organic vegetable. Antioxide plays important rules to reduce ‘free-radical’ as the main source of serious health problems, such cancer. More over, organic vegetable has C vitamin and higher essential minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus.

According to the publication of Coronary and Diabetic Care in the United Kingdom in 2004 by the Primary Care Groups and Trust that consumption of organic food will result the following advantages:
1. Reduce chemical consumption to the body
2. Stop possibility of genetic manipulation of agricultural products and their negative impact inside the body
3. Increase useful nutrition consumption such as vitamin, mineral and antioxide
4. Reduce diseases potential: cancer, allergy, heart attack and hyperactive to kids

Other advantages of organic vegetables compare to the non-organic vegetables are:
1. Tastier and sweeter: for instance beans, carrot and cabbage, you can also try chili, it has stronger taste and even hotter ;-)
2. Cabbage and lettuce have more solid textures and crunchy
3. Fresh more longer. You can keep the organic carrot for more than 3 weeks, but the non-organic only 3 days.

But you will find pale colour and holes on the organic vegetables. Why? because organic farmers only use organic pesticides and fertilizer and manual plantation process, while chemical supplements can result immediate reaction to pests and add more stronger colour to the vegetables.

Prices of the organic vegetables are even more expensive in certain markets. Why? because there are only few organic farmers. But health is everything and nothing can compare to it. Be healthy and happy eating healthy food!

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