Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organic Fruit

Some people maintain organic fruit is better for you than regular fruit, and some believe that it even tastes better. Organic fruit is grown using organic gardening and farming methods. Methods often differ from farmer to farmer, but the one thing that is consistent is that organic farmers don’t use pesticides or other chemicals on their crops. Instead, they use natural means.

Organic Fruit Health Benefits

Fruit is simply good for you, even if it isn’t organic. However, growing fruit organically strengthens the plant’s natural defenses. If the fruit is sprayed with chemicals, it has no need to develop these natural defense mechanisms against disease and insects. These natural defenses translate to added nutrition for your body.

Organic Fruit is Chemical Free

Also, the absence of chemicals is also benefits your body. There is some controversy surrounding the use of chemicals in farming and your overall health. Some believe that they harm the body and others believe that the effects are negligible. Either way, organic fruit is free of these chemicals so it is a non-issue.

Purchasing Organic Fruit

As little as ten years ago, it was difficult finding high quality organic produce. Now, there are markets and co-ops all over the country who specialize in providing organic fruit to the public. Mainstream supermarkets are also starting to include organic fruit in their produce sections. Don’t be afraid if you see a splotch or slight blemish on the surface of the fruit’s skin. This means that the farmer didn’t use chemicals to help prevent them from forming. The blemishes are harmless.

Growing Organic Fruit

You can also grow your own organic fruit. Before you begin, make sure you research proper planting methods and how to care for them. Organic gardening involves using special fertilizers, weeding, maintaining an organic compost pile, and testing the soil to make sure it is at the proper PH level.

Organic fruit is better for both your body and the environment. Farmers use methods that are friendlier to the earth, and the lack of chemicals in the organic fruit benefits your body.

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