Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organic Gardening Beauty

Organic gardening and insect chewed up fruits, vegetables and flowers do not have to go together. It is easy to discover how to protect your garden from harmful insects, maintain fertile soil and healthy plants, without resorting to chemical insecticides and fertilizers by learning about a few, simple techniques.

The gardening resource guide "Gardening Made Easy" (available at our website) discusses many organic gardening techniques to protect your organic garden. Here are just some of the major techniques that it discusses.

Compost and Organic Fertilizers

To feed you plants and get your soil nourished you can use simple, natural products called organic fertilizers. You can make your own compost pile in your back yard by recycling your very own kitchen scraps, grass clippings, tree leaves, and garden cuttings.

Or, you may want to purchase compost from a local garden center.

Plants can be grown directly the your compost or you can use it for fertilizing. Even liquid fertilizer can be created from you compost. It is an easy as taking out the garbage.

A small space in the corner of a garden is all that you need, to gather your extra garden cutting, tree leaves and grass clippings.

Pest Control and Organic Insecticides

Bugs as a whole, have gotten a bad reputation. The truth is not all bugs are bad.

For example, ladybugs, butterflies and bees are known to many people as beneficial insects. Moreover, wasps, flies and beetles can shield your plants from destructive insects.

When you apply chemical insecticides, or even organic insecticides, you can kill destructive and helpful insects alike. These helpful bugs can be purchased at many nearby garden centers or online to place into your garden.

In the battle against destructive insects, plants can also be a great help. Mixing in certain plants with the other plants in your garden, or using them as a boundary can ward off thrips, tomato hornworm and white flies.

Even Peppermint will repel ants and encourage them to keep looking for another place to set up house.


Tom Straub is a successful author, and webmaster of the Best Gardening Tips web site, where you can read more on Organic Gardening and more than a dozen other gardening topics.

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