Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organic Gardening-It Really Is Alot Easier Than You Think

What is organic gardening? It is gardening using materials and or matter that comes from compost, manure and other living matter. It is also a way to garden without using pesticides, insecticides and other harmful ingredients.

Organic gardening is an excellent way to grow your trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and plants. Spring gardening color.

Organic composting comes from worms, food waste, grass clippings and old leaves. If left alone in some type of tumbler or rotating container it will eventually be consumed by bacteria. You can then use this type of "Compost" to amend your soil for your gardening needs. Humus comes from composted vegetable matter. You can make your own organic compost using a Compost Tumbler.

Mulching is another form of organic gardening. Mulch is added to the top layer of any gardening bed, tree, or plant thus keeping moisture in and suppressing weeds from growing. This helps in eliminating harmful herbicides and or insecticides into the environment.

Organic fertilizers are cottonseed meal, blood meal, Fish Emulsion, manure and sewage sludge. Many of these type of fertilizers are high or low on the three types of nutrients needed for your plants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, or potash.

Be sure to read labels before purchasing. In my opinion fish emulsion is the best and easiest to apply. You should also be aware that some organic fertilizers may burn the plants.

Manure the fresher the better over time this type of fertilizer will weaken, but do not overuse as it can burn plants. Yea I know it stinks but it works.

Cottonseed oil is the safest but is normally used for acid loving plants.

Blood meal comes from cattle blood after they have been slaughtered. Be careful not to overuse blood meal as it can also burn plants. It is high in nitrogen and good for green foliage.

If you are concerned about the environment then "Organic Gardening" is the way to go or should I say grow.

Gary & Paul Guzman are the authors of this article: Gary is the owner and Color Your World Nurseries Located in Las Cruces, NM. Paul is the webmaster of Comments should be sent to Visit:

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