Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reasons to Garden Organically

Most organic gardeners do so for one of two reasons - to do their part in saving the earth, and to avoid harmful additives in the foods they consume. Very often organic gardening is thought of as a hobby practiced in backyards. The fact is that organic gardening has become very popular over the past several years and many people practice some form of organic gardening without even realizing it. The practice of growing fruits and vegetables using only natural methods is known as organic gardening. No artificial chemicals are used for pest control, fertilizing, or weed control.

The lack of harmful chemicals on the foods your family consumes is reason enough to practice organic gardening. There is no harm done to the environment and you will feel as if you are doing your part to protect our planet. You will also save money, as natural methods of gardening cost lees than purchasing chemicals and fertilizer. Organic gardening includes many factors. The use of compost in place of much and fertilizer is a basic concept in organic gardening. Only plant matter is used for mulching and manure is used in place of chemical fertilizers. Learning the proper techniques needed to avoid disease and grow healthy plants is another important part of organic gardening.

The use of natural insect repellants such as ladybugs and preying mantis is used in place of pesticides or insecticides. If these do not live naturally in your area, you can purchase both ladybugs and preying mantis from companies specializing in organic gardening. Pulling weeds by hand is more beneficial than killing them with weed killers and you will do no harm to the environment. An organic gardener is willing to sacrifice a small portion of his or her harvest to the bugs in order to provide their families with natural foods free of chemicals. Organic gardening is also a great way to recycle and conserve. Composted kitchen scraps and weeds reduce the amount of waste that is deposited in landfills and sewers.

Tiffany Washko is president of Jelly Bean Diapers - a cloth diaper manufacturing company, The Diaper Jungle, and Nature Moms,

After working several years in corporate healthcare marketing and public relations, she took time away to be a mother. This new pursuit lead her to a new passion, helping new moms make the decision to return to the basics and use cloth diapers and adopt a more natural lifestyle.

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