Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organic Flowers - Beautiful Flowers the Natural Way

By growing flowers the organic way, you can reduce or eliminate altogether the use of hazardous chemicals. The soil will be naturally nourished and chemical poisoning will not be a danger for the gardener. This is very important because, unfortunately, chemicals such as pesticides do not stay within the soil. They can contaminate gardens, homes and the water supply. Anything contaminating the water supply will eventually find its way into your body and can negatively affect your health. Chemicals used in gardening, especially pesticides, have been blamed for contributing to ozone depletion and even cancer. Buying or growing organic flowers can help to save the environment and look after your own health. Chemical pesticides are not necessary to grow beautiful plants and flowers.

Choosing to plant organic flowers enriches the soil naturally and lets you enjoy gardening without worrying about pesticide-related health issues, such as dermatitis, breathing problems and even tumours. If you wish to avoid toxic chemicals that cause pollution and disease, organic flower growing could be ideal for you. Growing flowers the natural way is rewarding and fun. Home grown flowers make perfect gifts as well as looking lovely in your garden.

If you are a gardener using toxic chemicals, the soil and groundwater can become poisoned too, resulting in the poisoned plants becoming part of the food chain. Small animals eat the chemically poisoned produce, bigger animals eat the smaller ones and we eat them. If you care for the environment, it is wise to say no to unnecessary chemical products. If you are not protected from these products, the toxic chemicals can get on to your body and clothing and be spread to any children or others close to you. Gardeners and farmers in contact with chemicals often suffer from skin problems such as dermatitis or eczema. Organic gardening can prevent this. Chemicals such as pesticides can also evaporate with water into the air, resulting in contaminated rain or snow.

If you don't happen to have green fingers, you can still opt to buy organically grown flowers. This supports organic organizations and farmers who employ organic practices. Many such farmers support charitable or humanitarian causes themselves so your money will help the whole organic cause in the long run. Supporting and promoting organic farming or organic gardening saves the environment from pollution and can help in the prevention of diseases. Organic plants and flowers are priced similarly to the chemically enhanced ones, so it is best in every sense to buy or grow organic.

Lee Dobbins writes for Backyard Garden and Patio where you can get great landscaping and gardening tips as well as learn more about organic gardening.

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