Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organic Gardening Business Tip 2: Word of Mouth Advertising

How to Make Money from Organic Gardening

Here's a real quick tip for marketing your organic gardening business.

Word of mouth advertising is invaluable. Trouble is, HOW do you get it happening?

One really simple way is hand out vouchers or flyers.

Your voucher offers a free offer ... free gift ... 2 for 1 offer . . . half-price offer (let your mind run free with ideas!), and then include your contact info.

They don’t need to be printed on expensive paper or designed by an expert . . . just what you have to offer. Include the main benefits of organic food, the effect it may have on their health etc and include a cracking offer!

You could include a list of your best sellers or what is currently 'in season' or any special offers you have right now.

It’s cheap and easy and could send a flood of potential customers your way in no time at all.

And what's more, the people who buy from you, will tell their family and friends. So just 1 voucher or flyer could easily quadruple the number of customers you get in return.

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